26 Best Maria Montessori Quotes On Peace And Education

Maria Montessori was an famous italian physician and also educator. Explore best maria montessori quotes & sayings on peace, education & practical life.

Motivational Maria Montessori Quotes & Sayings

  • “The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” – Maria Montessori
  • “It is not enough for the teacher to love the child. She must first love and understand the universe. She must prepare herself, and truly work at it.” – Maria Montessori
  • “An educational method that shall have liberty as its basis must intervene to help the child to a conquest of liberty. That is to say, his training must be such as shall help him to diminish as much as possible the social bonds which limit his activity.” – Maria Montessori
  • “To aid life, leaving it free, however, that is the basic task of the educator.” – Maria Montessori
  • “Discipline must come through liberty. We do not consider an individual disciplined only when he has been rendered as artificially silent as a mute and as immovable as a paralytic. He is an individual annihilated, not disciplined.” – Maria Montessori
  • “Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence.” – Maria Montessori
  • “The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.” – Maria Montessori
  • “Within the child lies the fate of the future.” – Maria Montessori
  • “If education is always to be conceived along the same antiquated lines of a mere transmission of knowledge, there is little to be hoped from it in the bettering of man’s future.” – Maria Montessori
  • “The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, “The children are now working as if I did not exist.” – Maria Montessori

Awesome Quotes Of Maria Montessori On Peace And Education

  • “The possibility of observing the developments of the psychical life of the child as natural phenomena and experimental reactions transforms the school itself in action into a kind of scientific laboratory for the psychogenetic study of man.” – Maria Montessori
  • “Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and strength, use it to create.” – Maria Montessori
  • “We especially need imagination in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry.” – Maria Montessori
  • “No social problem is as universal as the oppression of the child” – Maria Montessori
  • The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one’s self. – Maria Montessori
  • The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. – Maria Montessori
  • “Education is a work of self-organization by which man adapts himself to the conditions of life.” – Maria Montessori
  • “If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men.” – Maria Montessori
  • “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” – Maria Montessori
  • “As soon as children find something that interests them they lose their instability and learn to concentrate.” – Maria Montessori

Inspirational Maria Montessori Words On Practical Life

  • “If an educational act is to be efficacious, it will be only that one which tends to help toward the complete unfolding of life. To be thus helpful it is necessary rigorously to avoid the arrest of spontaneous movements and the imposition of arbitrary tasks.” – Maria Montessori
  • “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of the war.” – Maria Montessori
  • “If the whole of mankind is to be united into one brotherhood, all obstacles must be removed so that men, all over the surface of the globe, should be as children playing in a garden.” – Maria Montessori
  • “Man is capable of every great heroism; it was a man who found a means of conquering the formidable obstacles of his environment, establishing himself lord of the earth, and laying the foundations of civilization.” – Maria Montessori
  • Great tact and delicacy is necessary for the care of the mind of a child from three to six years, and an adult can have very little of it. – Maria Montessori
  • “The man of character is the persistent man, the man who is faithful to his own word, his own convictions, his own affections.” – Maria Montessori

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