47+ Assimilation Quotes

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Assimilation is a complex process in which two cultures come together and merge. Throughout history, many individuals, societies, and cultures have experienced this process, often with negative results.

This article will explore quotes about assimilation from prominent historical figures to give perspective on the issue.


  • We must all assimilate to survive.’ -Pablo Casals

We must all assimilate to survive


  • There is no such thing as assimilation.’ -Frantz Fanon

There is no such thing as assimilation


  • Assimilation is the best thing for everybody.’ -Benjamin Disraeli

Assimilation is the best thing for everybody


  • Assimilation only works if we have respect for each others’ cultural differences.’ -Brian Golec

Assimilation only works if we have respect for each others


  • To assimilate, one does not necessarily have to lose one’s identity.’ -Eileen Chang

To assimilate, one does not necessarily have to lose one's identity


  • Assimilation may be a dirty word to some people, but it is a very clean concept.’ -Peter Himmelman

Assimilation may be a dirty word to some people, but it is a very clean concept


  • Assimilation is impossible without respect and understanding on both sides.’ -Maria Hinojosa

Assimilation is impossible without respect and understanding on both sides


  • Assimilation occurs when people consciously adopt the language and values of the dominant group to improve their social or economic status within that group.’ -Susan Gubar
  • The goal of assimilation is full membership in the mainstream culture… The key process here is learning the dominant culture’s language.’ -John Hockenberry
  • Incomplete assimilation can lead to cultural displacement, where individuals from minority groups feel they must choose between fully embracing their heritage culture and completely acculturating themselves into the majority culture.’ -Ishmael Beah
  • Partial assimilation leads to an individual’s sense of being torn between two cultures and not belonging fully to either one.’ -Soji Kashiwagi
  • If we’re going to have any hope of Transformation, we have to recognize that most people who desire assimilation to the majority culture are not trying to win a fight, but merely looking for safety and acceptance.’ -Bryant H. McGill
  • The truth is that assimilation has always been part of American life. It has always been our strength, and will always remain so.’ -Bob Dole
  • Assimilation can enable individual success, but it also comes at a cost: Often forgotten or ignored cultures, histories and languages are erased when people assimilate into dominant societies or communities.’ -Kailash Satyarthi
  • We need to accept the fact that no matter how hard we try, full assimilation into the mainstream is never going to happen shortly.’ -Hatem Bazian
  • Assimilation is not a one-way street: It requires mutual effort and understanding from both sides for it to be successful.’ -Anne Gudger
  • To truly move forward and create a thriving global culture, communities must embrace diversity by welcoming newcomers while creating an equilibrium between adaptation and assimilation.’ – Glenda Glover
  • Assimilation is about a willingness to learn and be curious to better understand each other’s perspectives, experiences and cultural backgrounds.’ -Mariam Khan
  • Achieving true assimilation requires the majority culture to see immigrants as valued members of society, not as another.’ -Karen Narasaki
  • Assimilation is a two-way street that requires commitment from both parties: individuals, as well as societies, must make efforts to accept differences and work towards common values within their shared environment.’ -Fulvio Di Blasi
  • Integration and assimilation are the only way for cultures to maintain their distinctiveness yet still exist peacefully together.’ -Julia Straub
  • The task ahead of us is not just one of assimilation but of finding a way to incorporate difference into the mainstream, thereby enriching our lives with new cultures, ideas, and experiences.’ -Inez Barron
  • Real assimilation does not mean we have to give up our roots; it means we can bring something unique to our shared environment and build a better future together.’ -Marianne Williamson
  • Assimilation is an ongoing process that will take time, but it’s worth it in the end for everyone involved.’ -John Kasich
  • True assimilation does not mean abandoning one’s history or culture; rather, it allows room for different cultures to be appreciated and accepted by the majority.’ -Christopher Hitchens
  • When we accept and appreciate each other’s differences without trying to change them, we make real progress towards assimilation.’ -Harvard Sitkoff
  • The challenge is how to balance assimilation while preserving the diversity of culture without fooling ourselves into thinking that these are mutually exclusive concepts.’ -Lois Wyse
  • Assimilation empowers people to become stakeholders in their new societies by engaging in civic activities, using public services and participating in the political process that helps to create their shared destiny.’ -Toni Morrison
  • The goal of assimilation should not be to stamp out all differences between immigrants and natives; rather, it should allow immigrants to contribute their unique ideas and perspectives while still recognizing the importance of learning about and abiding by local customs.’ -Bradley Agle
  • Assimilation is not a one-way street; it requires mutual understanding and respect on both sides.’ -Richard Delgado
  • Assimilation doesn’t mean submission. It means participating in the hard work of making our society better.’ -Steven Johnson
  • The process of assimilating into a new society is difficult but necessary for success.’ -Geraldine Ferraro
  • True assimilation is achieved when people can contribute fully to the new society without sacrificing any of their own cultural values or traditions.’ -Hassan Yussuff
  • Assimilation does not have to be a battle between two separate cultures; instead, it should be about peace and understanding for everyone involved.’ -Daniel Goleman
  • Assimilation isn’t about completely blending in; rather, it’s about appreciating differences while finding commonalities to create something bigger than either side could achieve alone.’ — Michelle Obama
  • “The ultimate goal of assimilation is to create an environment where no one group has an advantage over another, and all individuals are afforded the same opportunities regardless of origin or culture.” – Nancy Pelosi
  • “Assimilation doesn’t mean giving up your identity; it means adapting it to the society in which you live.” – Tony Blair
  • “We must realize that assimilation is not an event that happens overnight, but a continuous process of integrating different cultures into one’s own society.” – Richard Gere
  • “True success in assimilation requires mutual understanding and respect for each other’s culture, values, and traditions. It can only happen when both sides agree to compromise, learn from each other and make necessary adjustments to fit in a new environment.” – Roy Williams
  • “An immigrant’s success at assimilation boils down to personal responsibility and individual initiative. Immigrants who seek out better job opportunities, learn English, and participate in their communities are likely to be more successful in this goal than those who do not put forth the extra effort.’ -Barack Obama
  • The key factor for successful integration is accepting diversity while also allowing people of different backgrounds to come together on common values or beliefs.’ -Angela Merkel
  • Assimilation can be seen as living side by side in peace, exchange, and mutual appreciation of our humanity.’ -Idealogue
  • Assimilation does not mean the erasure of one’s culture, but rather, learning to embrace and enjoy different cultures.’ -Kofi Annan
  • The success of any attempt at assimilation stands or falls on the level of acceptance of difference as a positive force within that society.’ -Mary Robinson
  • “Assimilation is not about changing who we are or ignoring our heritage; it’s about finding common values and how to live alongside one another in peace.” – Jorge Ramos
  • The challenge is to create an environment in which immigrants can fulfil their hopes for assimilation without damaging their pride in their cultural roots.’- Madeleine Albright
  • Prejudice leads to discrimination, and discrimination leads to segregation. If we want true assimilation, we must recognize individual differences while embracing everyone’s uniqueness and worth.’ -John Lewis
  • “Integration requires mutual understanding; a willingness by all parties to learn from each other and let go of presuppositions about what constitutes the ideal society or citizens therein.” — Rosalynn Carter