13 Gong Li Quotes That Will Inspire You

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“I have always believed that one’s destiny is not rewritten but can be created through hard work and perseverance.”

These words by Gong Li perfectly describe the journey she has taken to become one of the most successful Chinese actresses in the world. Born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, Gong Li began her career as a dancer before being discovered by famed Chinese director Zhang Yimou. She made her acting debut in his film Red Sorghum (1987) and quickly rose to prominence with her performance in Ju Dou (1990).

Gong Li has since gone on to star in many critically acclaimed films such as Raise the Red Lantern (1991), Farewell My Concubine (1993), The Story of Qiu Ju (1992), and Memoirs of a Geisha (2005). However, her career has not been without its challenges, as he was once banned from acting by the Chinese government for her involvement in the film To Live (1994).

Despite this adversity, Gong Li has persevered and become one of the most respected actresses inside and outside China. She once said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”


Motivational Gong Li Quotes

  • I am Chinese – it doesn’t matter what other people say.
  • I’ve been to Cannes 15 or 16 times, and every time I go, there’s a kind of soul-stirring feeling.
  • I don’t think of myself as a star. An actress is nothing remarkable.
  • Securing food is the basic task for all humans
  • I’ve been to Cannes 15 or 16 times, and every time I go, there’s a kind of soul-stirring feeling. Gong Li
  • I’ve been to Cannes 15 or 16 times, and every time I go, there’s a kind of soul-stirring feeling. – Author: Gong Li
  • People keep pushing me to be the center of attention… I would prefer to be on the sidelines, because that’s where you see more.
  • A lot of people ask me to produce or direct, but I don’t think I’m qualified. It’s hard enough for a person to do just one thing well in their life. I don’t want to do too much. – Author: Gong Li
  • When you are happy, be thankful and your happiness is greatly multiplied. When you are feeling down, be thankful and youll soon be feeling much better. – Author: Ralph Marston
  • Parents know how to push your buttons because, hey, they sewed them on. – Author: Camryn Manheim
  • Fans in China are very different from those overseas. In China, many people really love me and care about my life. But there is always some jealousy mixed up in this feeling of love. I think that is the big difference. Overseas, there is none of that. – Author: Gong Li
  • My life has been that of someone who has moved from the countryside to the society. To make that transition, I have had to learn a lot. – Author: Gong Li
  • When I speak in English, my expressions become different. My attitude, too. I’m not sure why, but there really is a difference. My hands move differently when I speak English. – Author: Gong Li

Gong Li is a Chinese film actress and singer who has won international acclaim for her work. She has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, four BAFTA Awards, and three Academy Awards.

Gong Li began her acting career at eighteen when she was cast in the lead role in the film Red Sorghum. Since then, she has appeared in many internationally acclaimed films, including Raise the Red Lantern, Memoirs of a Geisha, and 2046.

Gong Li is known for her strong performances and exquisite beauty. However, it is her quotes that have truly inspired fans around the world.

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