8 Characteristics Of A Fake Person And How To Spot One

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Have you ever met someone and felt like something just wasn’t right? Chances are, that person was fake. But how can you be sure without digging deep into their past?

This article explores 8 critical characteristics of fake people and how to spot them quickly. Learn more about the traits of these fraudulent characters and how to stay one step ahead in any situation!


What Is a Fake Person?

A fake person is someone who is not genuine or sincere. They might act like they care about you, but they only care about themselves. They might say things to make you feel good, but they don’t mean it. Fake people are often two-faced, and their true colours will eventually show.

If you’re wondering how to spot a fake person, here are some characteristics to look out for:

They’re always the centre of attention. Fake people love being the centre of attention. They are always looking for ways to make themselves the centre of attention. They might try to one-up you or make themselves look better than you in any way possible.

They’re always talking about themselves. Fake people are all about themselves and their own lives. They love talking about themselves and their accomplishments. If you try to bring up something else, they quickly change the subject back to them.

They never listen. Since fake people only care about themselves, they’re not interested in what others say. They might pretend to listen, but they’re just waiting for their turn to talk again.

They’re manipulative. Fake people are often very manipulative and can be pretty convincing. They might say things that aren’t true or Try to take advantage of you emotionally to get what they want from you . . Beware of anyone who tries.


8 Common Characteristics of Fake People

A fake person is someone who pretends to be something they’re not. They might pretend to be your friend when they’re just using you. They might pretend to be interested in you when they’re just trying to get something from you. Or they might pretend to be someone they’re not to impress you. Whatever the case may be, fake people are dishonest and manipulative. And unfortunately, they can be compelling.

There are a few common characteristics of fake people that you can watch out for:

1. They’re always talking about themselves

Fake people love to talk about themselves. They’re always going on about their accomplishments, looks, possessions, and so on. And they love an audience who will listen and admire them. Suppose you find yourself conversing with someone who only ever talks about themselves. In that case, chances are, they’re a fake person.

2. They never ask about you

Another telltale sign of a fake person is that they never ask about you or seem interested in anything you say. A conversation with a fake person will often feel one-sided as if you’re doing all the talking and they’re just sitting back and letting you do it. This is because fake people only care about themselves and what they can get from you – not vice versa.

3. They’re always braggers

Fake people are often unapologetic braggers. They’ll boast about the success that they’ve achieved or the possessions that they own – sometimes even exaggerating these things to impress their audience. If this person seems too good to be true, chances are, it’s because they are.

4. Their words don’t match their actions

Fake people often say one thing and do another – their words and actions simply don’t match up. For example, they might tell you they care about you but don’t demonstrate it with behaviour. They might also make big promises that they never follow through on. Watch out for this behaviour – it can be a significant red flag!

5. They have no real friends

Fake people tend to have very shallow relationships with those around them, despite seeming popular or outgoing at first glance. Upon further investigation, you may find that they need long-term friends or even acquaintances they can trust and rely on. Fake people may also be seen as gossipers who seek out drama and use others to get ahead instead of making their own way.

6. They try to flatter you

Suppose someone constantly showers you with compliments and flattering remarks out of nowhere. In that case, they may be a fake person. Fake people know that flattery can be highly effective in getting what they want, so they’ll often use it as a manipulative tool to get close to you or manipulate you into doing something for them.

7. They lack empathy

Fake people don’t have the capacity for genuine empathy and compassion. Instead, they use false sympathy and insincerity as a means of manipulation. They’ll often act as if they feel sorry for your situation or concerned for your problems when their only genuine concern is how all this affects them.

8. They always want something from you

Fake people are usually only around when there is something in it for them – money, influence or fame. Suppose someone suddenly appears in your life but never offers anything besides their presence. In that case, chances are, they’re just after something.


Spotting a Fake Person: Warning Signs to Look Out For

When you first meet someone, it can be difficult to tell if they’re being genuine or not. However, there are some warning signs you can look out for that may suggest that the person is not as genuine as they seem.

Some of the warning signs that a person may be fake include:

  1. They avoid eye contact. Fake people often have difficulty making and sustaining eye contact because they feel they will be found out if they do.
  2. They are always talking about themselves. If a person can’t have a conversation without turning it into all about them, they might be fake. Genuine people are interested in hearing about other people’s lives as well.
  3. They always have an excuse. If someone is constantly making excuses for why they can’t do something or why they didn’t, chances are they’re not being truthful.
  4. They are overly pessimistic. It’s normal to have some negative thoughts sometimes. Still, if someone constantly puts themselves and others down, it might be a sign that they’re not being genuine.


How to Respond When You Realize Someone Is Being Fake

When you realize someone is fake, the best thing to do is to confront them about it. This will let them know that you are on to them and that their behaviour is unacceptable. Be sure to do this calmly and collected so as not to escalate the situation. If the person is genuinely being fake, they will likely become defensive and even more insincere. It would be best to distance yourself from this individual as they are not worth your time or energy.

If the person is not a close friend or family member, let them know that you are aware of their phoniness and that you would rather not spend time with them if they continue to behave this way. Conversely, if this individual is someone in your inner circle, consider having an honest and open discussion about why they are being fake and how it makes you feel. These sorts of conversations can be difficult but can help foster mutual understanding. Ultimately though, only you can decide if continuing the relationship is worthwhile.


Dealing with Toxic People and Fake Friends

A fake person puts on a false persona to gain something from others. Fake people are often manipulative and will use others for their own gain. While it can be challenging to spot a fake person, there are some telltale signs you can look out for.

If you find yourself constantly being used by someone or feeling like you are always giving in to a friendship, you might be dealing with a fake friend. Fake friends will often take advantage of your good nature and generosity. They may also be quick to gossip about others and spread rumours. Beware if you have a friend who is always talking about other people behind their back! This person is not your true friend.

Surrounding yourself with genuine people who care about you and have your best interests at heart is essential. These kinds of friends will be there for you through thick and thin. So, if you suspect you might have a fake friend, don’t hesitate to cut ties and move on. There are plenty of other amazing people in the world who would love to be your friend!



Spotting a fake person can be difficult if you don’t know the telltale signs and how to look out for them. Knowing how to identify their behaviours and characteristics is critical in avoiding getting hurt or tricked by such people. Fake people try to manipulate situations, relationships, and others for their own gain.

The 8 identified characteristics of a fake person are deceitfulness, lying, inconsistency, flattery without substance, ignoring boundaries & rights of others etc. If you spot these traits or behaviour patterns in someone close to you, it could mean that they’re not who you thought they were, so the best thing to do is politely distance yourself from them.